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Revised: November 5, 2003
The well log database contains data reported by well drillers during construction of water wells. Logs from years prior to 1995 are currently being entered by area on a selective basis. All logs after 1995 are entered into the database as they are received.

Fill in the fields on this page to locate well logs within a section or township (leave the section blank to locate wells in the entire township) or select a township from this map which represents the distribution of well logs in the Well Database.

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Scanned Logs are scanned images of actual well logs submitted by drillers to the Division. These logs are currently being scanned into the system.

Note: Contradictory location information may be contained in databases at this site. Of particular concern is the accuracy of the location information provided with well logs. Generally, well logs are entered into the well database using a proposed point of diversion or a description provided by the driller, and may not reflect the actual point where the well was drilled. The actual location of wells drilled in association with a water right are surveyed later as part of the water right proof process. However, location verification may not be performed for several years after the well was drilled and the corrected location is typically applied only to water right records. The location is not automatically updated in the well drilling database at the present time.

The most current location information for a well that is associated with a water right is usually in the Water Right Database. Well information can be accessed on a Water Right basis using the Point of Diversion Location Search (WRPLAT) Application. WRPLAT queries require the same initial search information as the well drilling database query (e.g., section, township, range, etc.). Output from the query will consist of a map and listing of all points of diversion within the user-defined search area. The point of diversion locations on this list are the most current and accurate available and may or may not match the location on the well log. Well logs associated with a water right that are in the well log database can also be accessed from this list if the "Y" (indicating a well log is available) is highlighted blue. Simply click on the blue "Y" and the web site will link you to the well log. If the "Y" is present on the list, but not highlighted blue, this indicates that a well log exists in the hard copy water right file, but it has not yet been entered electrically into the well log database. Provisional and monitor well locations and logs cannot be accessed through the water right database. These well types can only be accessed from the well drilling database from this page. The location information listed on well logs of wells of this type is the most current and accurate available.