Utah Divisions of Water Rights, Water Resources, and Drinking Water

Water Use Online Reporting System

Revised: February 9, 2020

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The State of Utah's Department of Environmental Quality and Natural Resources are working in a cooperative effort to obtain annual water use data from public water supply systems in the state. A cooperative effort is also in place to collect water use data from industrial and large private water users. Information obtained from the survey will be used in reports prepared by the agencies and will be made available to other agencies and organizations.

Your response to this survey is required under Rule R309-105-15 of the Utah Administrative Code if you are a public water supplier or under Statute 73-5-4 and 73-5-8 if you use water from any river or water source and you have been requested by the State Engineer to report your water use. It is important to complete each section of the survey as fully as possible. Please complete entry of information by March 31, . If you are no longer the manager of this system, please forward the information to the new manager, or notify the Division of Water Rights so contact records can be updated.

Your cooperation in filling out this form accurately and completely will greatly assist the planning of several state financial assistance programs, the preparation of basin water plans, and the assessment of water supply and water use in the state.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this survey, please contact Brandon Mellor at (801) 927-7433.

For further information on available financial assistance for drinking water projects, please contact the following individuals:

Utah Drinking Water BoardMichael Grange(801) 536-4200mgrange@utah.gov.
Utah Board of Water ResourcesVal Anderson(801) 538-7292valanderson@utah.gov
Community Impact BoardKeith Burnett(801) 538-8725kjburnett@utah.gov
Community Development Block Grant ProgramKeith Heaton(801) 538-8732kheaton@utah.gov
Rural Development (formerly Farmers Home Ad.)Bonnie Carrig (801) 524-4326bonnie.carrig@ut.usda.gov