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Water Right/Application Number:

Enter a Water Right, Change or Exchange number to view information. A diligence claim, underground water claim, or application to appropriate number can also be used.

  • Water right numbers consist of a two digit area code followed by "-"and up to 5 additional digits (example: 09-1). Water right numbers are assigned to all water rights and to exchanges.
  • Change numbers begin with "a" for permanent changes and "t" for temporary changes followed by up to 8 trailing digits.
  • Exchange numbers begin with "E" followed by up to 5 digits.
  • Application to Appropriate, Diligence, and Underground Water claim numbers begin with "A,D,F,T, or U" and up to 6 trailing digits.
  • Certificate Numbers: A certificate number has no preceding alphabetic character, no "-", but may have a trailing alphabetic character. Certificate numbers may be confused with application to appropriate numbers, or claim numbers which are sometimes cited without their leading alphabetic character.
  • Sewage Reuse Notification Numbers: A reuse number begins with the letters "NS" and is followed by a "0" filled 3 digit number.
  • Recharge and Recovery Application Numbers: Aquifer recharge numbers are of the the RC### where ### is a 3 digit number. Recovery applications are filed against a specific recharge application and take the form RC###-###.
  • Non-production Well Application Numbers: Water wells drilled for testing, monitoring, or heat exchange but do not extract water for use begin with a 7 digit number followed by "M00" or "P00" (double zeroes).