Proof of Beneficial Use

Proof of beneficial use must be prepared by a licensed engineer or surveyor and must be signed before being submitted to the Division.
Proof of beneficial use forms must reflect actual use to which water is being placed in conformance with the water right application on which the proof is being submitted.

Training Resources
  • Proof Professional Training Manual - For Proof of Beneficial Use in the State of Utah
  • Notice of 2010 Proof Professionals Training
  • 2010 Proof Professionals Training Presentation
  • Notice of 2009 Proof Professionals Training
  • 2009 Proof Professionals Training Presentation
  • 2008 Proof Professionals Training Presentation

  • Proof Rules and Requirements
  • Statute
  • Requirements for submitting Proof of Beneficial Use (Effective February 1, 2007)
  • Mapping Rules
  • Subdivision Proof Requirements
  • Diversion and Depletion Quantities
  • Water Use Calculator
  • Irrigated Acreage for Trees

  • Proof Forms:
  • Simple Proof Form
  • Full Proof Form
  • Owner Signature(s) Form
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