1. Please fill in the form below with the requested justification for this NONUSE of water.
2. Click the button to generate the printable form.
3. You MUST then sign the form on the back page.
4. Finally, Mail the Form or bring it to the Division of Water Rights ALONG WITH THE APPROPRIATE FEE.
    (The amount of the fee will be found on the printable form.)
The Adobe reader is required to print the NONUSE form. It can be acquired at the following link:
Water Right Number:
The Period of NONUSE Requested is SEVEN (7) years from the Filing Date of this NONUSE Application.
State Statute offers the following justifications that are considered reasonable for NONUSE of a water:
A. Demonstrable financial hardship or economic depression;
B. physical causes or changes that render use beyond the reasonable control of the water right owner
     so long as the water right owner acts with reasonable diligence to resume or restore the use;
C. the initiation of water conservation or efficiency practices, or the operation of a groundwater
    recharge/recovery program approved by the State engineer;
D. operation of legal proceedings;
E. the holding of a water right or stock in a mutual water company without use by any water supply entity to
    meet the reasonable future requirements of the public;
F. situations where, in the opinion of the State Engineer, the nonuse would assist in implementing an existing,
    approved water management plan;
G. the loss of capacity caused by deterioration of the water supply or delivery equipment if the applicant
    submits, with the application, a specific plan to resume full use of the water right by replacing, restoring,
    or improving the equipment; or
H. any other resonable cause.
With the above in mind, please state the reasons for your NONUSE of water with regards to this water right: