Address Change Request - Utah Division of Water Rights
Owner Address Change Request
Owner address changes for water rights, exchanges, recharge, recovery, or reuse can be submitted online.

	1. Enter the Water Right/Exchange/Recharge/Recovery/Reuse Number below and click "Get Current Owners".
	2. Select the owner for whom the address will be changed and click "Select Owner".
	3. If selected owner matches other owner addresses, select additional applications to change.
	3. Enter the new address information and select "Request Address Change".
	4. The information is processed by staff and a confirmation letter is sent to the last address of record.
	5. Allow 2-3 days for processing.
Water Right/Exchange/Recharge/Recovery/Reuse Number: 

If you prefer to submit an address change request on paper, use this Address Change Request Form and deliver it to
the Division of Water Rights....